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"It was great adding something different and special to my Bollywood Birthday party. The guests that were able to have a reading found it enjoyable and accurate and not only came along to celebrate with me but had gone away with some additional thoughts about their own lives. I would recommend this to anyone planning to celebrate and thank the people that they care about in a sincere and positive way."

Sheryl F.  Ramsgate

"I just wanted to thank you so much for coming along to do our Surprise Psychic Party for our friends birthday last month - everyone was wrapped with your readings & while it was initially meant to just be as a bit of a laugh for something different, everyone agreed that your readings were incredibly accurate & the girls all felt really comfortable with you.  You can expect return business from us.  Until then, take care."

Leanne D - Dolls Point

"The party was easy to organise, and you were really helpful. I was amazed at the quality of your psychic readings. So was everyone else! I just want to thank you for the wonderful psychic reading that you did for me at the party. I really enjoyed talking with you, and felt the reading was fascinating! You where right on when describing my issues and I'm excited to see how some of the other things you looked at will turn out. Thanks from myself and everyone at the party for your great readings and time.”

Jodie G.. -Penrith 

"A Psychic party is a great idea for a hen's night. Something very different, but easy to do! All of us were impressed and happy with your readings. It was apparent to me that you are very genuine and speak things that really do have a basis in fact. You have made a believer out of me. I was worried about consulting a psychic, but your reading at the party made me feel really good, you were very reassuring to talk and listen to."

Natalie J.. -Fairfield


"Your psychic parties are great value. Your psychic readings are accurate, true and a lot of fun! Many thanks for sharing your time and wonderful gifts with us. Thank you again for an enjoyable afternoon. We had a lot of information to absorb and appreciate all the time you spent with us. Our experience with you was most valuable, helpful and insightful. What we experienced has given us an opportunity to expand our thinking, and focus our energies. Thanks again."

Dorothy P.-Bankstown

"You were very relaxed and easy to talk to. Your psychic readings are the real deal! The advice was excellent. Thank you very much for the time and insights you shared with us. I will make every effort to use the information to benefit myself and others around me. I know I’ll be talking to you again in the future, but I just wanted to let you know how much you helped and entertained everyone at the party. I’m more than happy to recommend your services to others through this testimonial.
Thank you"

Alina D. -Potts Point