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Tarot Secrets Methods, Mastery, and More

The standard Tarot deck which is commonly in use today consists of 78 cards. They are divided into 22 Major Arcana cards, 40 Minor Arcana and 16  Court Cards. The Major Arcana cards represent the Higher parts of our consciousness. The Tarot can be used in several ways; as a means of divination, as a tool for self discovery, as an aid to spiritual or esoteric study.


 The Major Arcana

 The Major Arcana represent our higher selves, the spiritual and the outside forces that influence our lives. The Court Cards represent other people in our lives or aspects of our own personality. The Minor Arcana are concerned with the everyday, affairs of day to day living such as work, school, the home and relationships.


 The Minor Arcana

There are 4 suits commonly found in Tarot decks: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. While they sometimes have different names, the idea behind them is usually the same. If you understand the meanings of the suits and have some knowledge of numbers, you can read the Minor Arcana of any deck of Tarot cards.


 The Tarot and Astrology.

 Astrology and Tarot often complement each other. Tarot readers will incorporate their knowledge of astrology into their interpretations and readings. Many people who are interested in one are also interested in the other. Since a great many people have some knowledge of Astrology, descriptions will be helpful in understanding the ideas behind the suits.



 Wands: Wands can be described as the suit having to do with energy, creativity, communication, action, passion, self improvement/self development, spirituality and enterprise.This suit is associated with the element of fire,If you know a little of astrology, think of the personality attributes of the fire signs, the forceful Aries, the flamboyant Leo and the honest and enthusiastic Sagittarius. 



Cups: Cups are associated with the emotions, the subconscious, relationships and intuitive or psychic abilities. This suit is associated with the element of water and like water can be calm and serene, or turbulent and rough. Astrologically, the nurturing Cancer personality, the depth of the Scorpio and the intuitive, dreamy Pisces could be applied.



 Swords: Swords are the suit of mental activity, rational thinking, decisions, and intellectual pursuit. Because much of the turmoil in our lives can be attributed to our thoughts, this suit often depicts conflict and struggle as well. Swords are usually associated with the element of air. Astrologically one can think of the Libran desire for balance, the contradictions inherent in the Aquarian personality, and the Gemini's thirst for intellectual stimulation. 


Pentacles: Pentacles are the suit associated with work, money, crafts, the home, the physical body. Pentacles are associated with the element earth. Astrologically one can think of Taurean practicality and love of home, the Capricorn's financial and business prowess and the Virgo's industry, skill and productivity.

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