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Psychic Clairvoyant Phone Readings

If you don't have the time to organise a Psychic party, or can't come for a psychic clairvoyant reading in person for any other reason, you can also call me for a psychic phone reading.

Psychic phone readings can be charged to your phone bill, by calling the 1902 number, or you can pay by credit card, by calling the 1800 number.

The Accuracy and quality of the psychic phone readings will be of the same high standard. As with general phone calls, the focus is on conversation, so a greater amount of information can often be given in a shorter amount of time.

Try to have your questions ready before you call. Connecting quickly with you is very important in psychic clairvoyant phone readings, a friendly and polite conversational manner gives out a very positive energy, so try not to call when you are tired or irritable.

This will bring the power of intuition into your consciousness in the most practical way possible, using intuitive psychic power to help you to heal, make empowering decisions or work through the issues you face.

My Psychic phone readings are undertaken with skill, integrity and sensitivity, bringing healing and the power of harmony into your life. My clairvoyant readings have helped to improve emotional connections and attractions, lasting relationships and success. Let me help you on your path, creating the right emotional experience for you with others and the universe.

For Psychic Phone Readings Charged to your phone bill)

Call: 1902 250 955
$3.96c per/min/higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones
Service Provider Access Positive

For Psychic Phone Readings (Charged to your Credit Card)

Call: 1300 768 552
$3.30c min/$50 per 15 minutes