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Frequently Asked Questions
Psychic Mysteries Revealed


Develop your mind and psychic awareness for the enrichment of yourself, and those around you, and closest too you. Here for your enlightenment and pleasure are questions about psychics, the psychic world and psychic readings.

How do you define a good psychic reading?

A good psychic reading provides hope and inspiration, accurate insight with practical advice, highlights your gifts and abilities, and understands the nature of your free will and power to change. It clarifies and heals, and leaves you with a sense of empowerment, and reassurance about what you may need to do or change in your life. It can show that you are still loved and have the power to love, and that life is more about opportunity and achievement resulting in many levels of emotional and spiritual contentment and happiness, regardless of your background or circumstances.

Are there specific qualities that
You must have
 to become Psychic?

Answer: We are all open and aware to some extent, but many people need to develop these qualities further, and be committed to doing so. You must be able to understand emotional intelligence as well as social and intuitive intelligence, and combine the strengths of all these qualities in a balanced and unselfish way.

You also need to develop your ability to empathise with others, as psychic readings are not about you, but about the person that you are reading for. You must be prepared to continually study and develop your psychic insight over time. Your psychic abilities, like any other form of skill, must be practiced regularly through constant refinement and dedication.

Above all, one of the most important qualities, and one that is often overlooked or not mentioned, is that you must be a people person. Without good interpersonal people skills and an ability to relate to others, to help to empower them without being judgemental, you will never become a good psychic, regardless of your commitment or intentions.

Are psychics, mediums, and channels
All the same, or is there a difference?

Answer: A psychic is really a general term, to describe many types of readers, and also used as a prefix to indicate the area or world in which readers work- psychic clairvoyant, psychic Medium, Psychic channel etc., In the same way a doctor, or surgeon is general term, they both work in medicine, but they will specialise in a particular area of medicine, such as a heart surgeon, or Pediatrician to be more specific.

A psychic can be a clairvoyant, as well as clairsentient and clairaudient. A psychic medium is a psychic who has developed their psychic perception and intuition to a point where they connect with spirits in other dimensions. There are different types of mediums. A mental medium, can connect to spirit while fully conscious, a Trance medium goes into a trance state in order to contact spirit.

Channels also go into a trance state, but often relay messages from other beings that are not of this earth, or religious deities, and appear to be taken over by them and speak in their voice. Channelled information is often fragmented or incoherent for this reason, and not necessarily focused on specific individual issues, the messages can be more of a warning or advice for humanity as a whole.

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